Payday Dreams is a private company specializing in CPA (Cost Per Action) offers as well as PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, founded in 2011 we have paid out over $10,000,000 to our affiliates from all corners of the globe. What is stopping you getting in on the action! begin making money today and change your life style for the better. Use our link locker and content locker and offer wall or custom rss feed tools to help make money quickly and easily! you can also your your very own rss offer feed to put offers directly on your website.

Here is just a few of our features:

We have a vast range of offers for everyone, from just about every niche you can think of and in every country, if there is an offer you would like us to run contact us and we will do our best to get it for you.
With a vast range of tools to help you make money our custom designed content & link lockers are on hand to help you out with your campaigns, in just a few clicks you will be fully functional and ready to start making money.
Just to let you know there is currently 462 offers in the network and 432 of our affiliates have made over $100 today! why don't you join them and start changing your life for good.

Our state of the art click tracking systems will show you the statistics breakdown of all your campaigns. See which ones are doing the best and tweak.
We also have the choice of weekly or daily payments. The current payment threshold before we pay you is set at $25.00 once you hit the threshold we will automatically pay you out no delays!
Surveys / Freebie / Sweepstakes / Email & Zip Submits we have them all and we are growing our inventory each and every day.

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